ORIGIN.DESIGN : 關於 2016 summer internship
Monday 13 June 2016



已漸漸接近盛夏,信箱中陸續悄悄的收到幾封有關 summer internship 的詢問,有來自台灣,也有來自香港、馬來西亞...對總是靜靜的默默的在設計領域裡的我們,每一封信件都是一種肯定的話語,雖然我們目前沒有summer intern職務的空缺,但期許一起繼續在設計的領域上成長。

the summer is coming, meanwhile, we have received some emails about asking for a summer internship in our box, and of course, every letter is important to us. we currently do not have opening for intern position, but let's grow together with passion in design world. we, thank you.