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POLESTAR是一專門為美髮沙龍、購物展場製造陳列展示架的品牌。 冷冰冰的展示架,該如何讓它具有生命力與符合POLESTAR品牌所賦予它的時尚定義?? 我們思考了許久,決定將視覺focus在精粹的細部造型上。設計上,以生活中美學,重新詮釋展示架不同於以往傳統陳列的方式,大膽的以局部視覺處理,細膩質感的概念,帶領消費者進入時尚設計的感受,並搭配實用性的照片,連結回歸該品牌展示架的功能層面。 POLESTAR is a brand, manufacturing and supplying creative platforms for product display, especially for beauty salon and shopping mall. Our biggest challenge is to make the lifeless display racks not only full of vitality but also correspond to the fashionable image of the brand POLESTAR. Then, we decide to focus on the elaborate details of each product. We apply the concept of the aesthetic in life to reinterpret the possibility of display racks, which are totally different from the traditional arrangement of display racks. Further, we boldly apply partially visual effects and the concept of fine texture in order to lead our clients to the world of fashion design. Also, we make use of practical photos to show the different functions of each display racks.
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