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our work is featured in the book, published by Viction:ary.
和 Viction:ary 出版社的Katherine接洽了一段時間,關於作品收錄於書中的事 ; 終於手中收到熱騰騰的新書。
看到我們的作品今天也能構成設計書的一部分,很是高興 。

Big Day

Hong Kong








信箱中陸續收到有關 實習申請 的詢問,



we  have  received  many  emails  about  asking  for internship
from several countries, and of course, every letter is important
to us. we currently do not have opening for intern position, but
let's grow together with passion in design world. we, thank you.



hello! (1+2)作品受邀收錄於「My Graphic DNA-Portfolio Design & Self-Promotion」中在設計書中以特集的形式安排於書本的首頁,訪問了我們關於一些設計上的過程與想法,一起跟大家分享。

My Graphic DNA-Portfolio Design
& Self-Promotion →

Sandu Publishing 三度出版社
Guangzhou, China



1. What was the starting point for you to design your own portfolio ?

When starting to develop the portfolio of ORIGIN. DESIGN, we consider making an eye-catching, simple but fine work so that everyone will be touched when they read it. Then we decided to use 2 colors, yellow and gray, which can not only convey our endless creativity and passion for design, but also represent our profession in both brand project and website program.
當我們要開始設計屬於自己的作品集時,思考創作出與眾不同的海報形式來呈現我們的作品,黃色與灰色代表我們對設計的創意熱情,也傳達出 ORIGIN.DESIGN在品牌設計和網站專案規劃兩個領域上的專業,這樣簡約而富有質感的兩本(1+2) 作品組合概念,不用多做解釋,就能深入人心。


2. How do you think of the role this portfolio plays in your design career ?

To either designers or the studio, portfolio itself is a part of our life; there had a common word, ”Each work is our own child, that we have no way to deny it”. For us, to turn all of our works into a distinctive creation is the best moment.


3. In your opinion, what makes the biggest difference between a printed portfolio and an online portfolio in reading ?

Nothing beats a printed portfolio mainly due to its size and tactile qualities, and the most different is paper has weight and nice to touch. As more things become digital nowadays, printed portfolio is more fascinating to us.
溫度 — 最大的差別在於手觸摸到紙時,那無法取代的溫度感。對我們而言,在這講求快速效益的世界中,printed portfolio這點很吸引人。



4. Why did you use two posters as media instead of a book to be your portfolio ?

To show our love for Mother Nature, we try to avoid excessive packaging from the first beginning. That's why we design (1+2) Package composed of 2 posters folding twice. Such idea is practiced to protect the earth and keep more trees alive.
我們團隊熱愛日常生活中的大自然,當初,我們就希望不要用過多的包裝,那會造成很多樹被砍光,所以想保護地球的理念,也許可以落實在這(1+2) Package的設計上,兩張大紙然後摺疊再摺疊,就這麼簡單。


5. Please introduce the design process of this project.

We started from coffee, brainstorming, talking, sketching, looking in design books for inspiration, and then we constantly ask ourselves what style we really wanted to create. We didn't start with a specific style in mind, instead we believed in ideas that sprung up from anywhere and at any time.
咖啡,相互聊天,草圖,看設計書找靈感, 並且想像。在發想的過程中,只是一直問自己,什麼樣的設計我們最喜歡?想呈現怎樣的創意給大家? 又可以減少紙材的浪費?設計師的本能,在腦中就直覺的跳出好多想法。



6. The packaging plays an important part in that it helps arousing the recipients’ curiosity.
    Could you share with us the purpose of the package designed for your portfolio ?

To our surprise, we haven't expected that (1+2) Package would arouse such attention on Behance. The package conveys our 2 design professions in both brand design and website program, but additionally we desire the audience to be touched through our composition. Maybe we will figure out more 3+4+5...etc Package, just like a game for collection! Who knows? After all, designers are always beyond expectation.
說真的,我們沒料想到這樣的設計會在Behance大受歡迎。大家喜歡,也真讓人開心!當初,想用(1+2) Package是希望能清楚傳達我們有兩個主要設計領域 — 品牌設計和網站設計,並且能對這些作品發出會心一笑,或許以後會增加3+4+5+6……就像在集點一樣有趣,誰知道呢?設計師總是不按牌理出牌。


7. How would you best describe your creative aesthetic, and what common thread ties all your work together ?

TO us, life is design. We get energy from being inspired by nature that gives us how to feel with our inner self and to live more fully and naturally. In addition, ORIGIN.DESIGN pursues simple with a sense of humor about all things, which is reflected in our clean and infectious works.


8. Could you share with us the effect of your portfolio so far ?

(1+2) Package that makes people not only interest in our design, but also directly arouse their attention to our ability of design and the studio. With the help of this portfolio, we made a lot of friends who were touched by our portfolio.
(1+2) Package 讓許多人覺得這樣的設計很有趣,也直接引起別人對我們的好奇,不論是設計能力上或工作室本身,因此認識了不少有共鳴的朋友和客戶。




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