The Year in Love&Thanks
invitation design
branding | graphic

The Year in Love & Thanks — 是我們想要表達的概念,將這樣充滿感謝的話語,用富於情感的書寫手法設計於邀請卡中 — 不論在邀請內文、婚卡或信封上,我們挑選厚實溫潤的紙張融合燙霧金的質感將之點綴在其中,一同包裝起手感帶著溫暖且精緻的喜悅,傳遞到每一個收到者的心中。
We would like to deliver our sincere messages of Love & Appreciation to those who has received our wedding invitations. In order to create a joyful + pleasant atmosphere on a 2-dimensional greeting card, we play around with typography and hand-made textures. We tied our cards with strings of twine, and create our own gold-stamping plate for an extract touch of elegant feels.
visual identity 視覺規劃
invitation design 邀請卡設計